Hardcore Sweater in DROPS Cotton Light


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Finished Measurements:
Bust: 37½’’in­40’’­44½’’­47 3/4’’­51’’in (95cm­-101­-113­-120-­130cm)
Full length: Measured from underarm ~14 inches or desired length

Original Yarn: DROPS Cotton Light (Group B) 8­9­10­11­12 skeins. Yarn alternatives: DROPS Belle.
Needles: US 8 (5.0mm) 16 inch and 32 inch circular needles ~ or size needed to obtain correct gauge.

17 stitches X 22 rows in stockinette = 4 X 4 inches (10 x 10 cm)

Cast on 88­92­92­96­96 stitches on circular needles. Join in the round and work K1, P1 rib for 1½ inch (3.8 cm). Place makers so there are 34­36­38­40­40 stitches for the front and back with 10­10­8­8­8 stitches on each sleeve. Continue in stockinette and at the same time on every other round increase 8 stitches by kfb in the stitch before and after each marker.
When there are 22 stitches between markers on each sleeve (total stitches: 136­140­148­152­152) on next round bind off the middle 20 stitches over each sleeve. Front and Back are now worked separately.

48­-50­-54­-56­-56 stitches (46-­48-­52­-54­-54 stitches between markers)
Continue working back and forth on needle in stockinette. Slip the 1st stitch on every row as if to knit. Increase on every RS row by kfb in the stitch before and after each marker (i.e. increase 4 stitches every other row). Increases will be done for a total of 15­-17­-18­-20-­22 times. Continue until there are 108-­118­-126­-136-­144 stitches on needle.
There are 76-­82-­88-­94-­98 stitches between markers and 16­-18­-19­-21­-23 stitches on each side for sleeves. Now work front.

Place 16­-18-­19­-21­-23 sleeve stitches outside markers on each side of the front and back pieces on scrap yarn or stitch holders.

Place front and back pieces on the same circular needle and at the same time cast on 4­-4­-8-8-­12 stitches on each side for underarm.
Total stitches 160­-172­-192­-204­-220 for the body. Work stockinette in the round until 1 inch before desired length.
Divide into front and back pieces with 80-­86­-96-­102-­110 stitches for each piece.
Work front and back separately with K1, P1 rib for 1 ½ inch. Bind off in rib.

Place sleeve stitches back onto shorter circular needle. Pick up 1 stitch for each underarm stitch 4­4­8­8­12 stitches (36-­40-­46-­50-­58 total). PM in the middle of the underarm stitches (18-­20-­23-­25­-29 stitches on each side of marker).
Measure sleeve from here, PM to mark this spot.
Work back and forth in stockinette, slipping the 1st stitch on every row as if to knit.
When piece measures about 2 inches (5 cm) from underarm begin decreasing 1 stitch on each side of the underarm marker using K2tog before and after marker on a RS row.
Continue decrease every 2­-1½-­1¼-­1-­¾ in. for a total of 6-­8-­10-­11­-15 times.
At the same time when the opening on the sleeve measures approximately 12 inches (30 cm) ( i.e total opening is approximately 64 rows).
Cast on 20 new stitches at the end of a RS row. Join in the round and continue in stockinette.
At desired sleeve length or when piece measures about 14­-13¾-­13¾-­13¼-­13 inches or (shorter measurements in the larger sizes because of wider shoulders) decrease evenly to 40­-40-­42-­44­-44 stitches. Finish sleeve cuff with K1, P1 rib for 1 ½ inch. Bind off in rib.

Make 4 straps in each arm opening. If 64 rows was worked for the opening on sleeve and on each row 1st st was slipped, there will be 32 stitches along side edge to pick up 4 straps 8 stitches wide. The straps are worked back and forth in stockinette for approx 4½ in. (11½ cm)

(i.e. as long as the opening is wide). Bind off and sew to the other side..

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