The Nordic Points System:

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You can earn Nordic Points for each dollar you spend at Nordic Mart! You earn 1 point for every $1 spent, and these points go into your account when the order is paid and shipped. 

You can also earn 10 Nordic Points for sharing about us on Facebook! Get your friends in on this great yarn and our awesome sales!

Once you reach at least 500 Nordic Points, you can use them to get a coupon code for money to spend at Nordic Mart! It’s free yarn!

If you are a new customer, you can also get Welcome points!

When you sign up with a new account on our site, you will receive 200 Nordic Points to get you started!

If you already have an account with us, sign up to the points program to start earning points on your orders!

For all the points fun, go to our home page at (this won’t appear on your mobile device) and in the bottom right corner is a tab that says “Earn and Spend Nordic Points”

This is where you can create an account if you don’t have one with us yet! If you do, login here to redeem points or learn about how you can earn points.

For any questions regarding Nordic Points please email


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The Referral System:

You can also earn points by sending your friends coupon codes!

By referring your friends, everyone wins.

Send your friends a coupon code for 10% off their order, and in return, you earn points!

You can earn 200 points for each friend that places an order with your personalized referral link! The points will be credited to you when you friend places their order. They must use the coupon on their order to complete the referral and allow you to earn points.

Five friends place an order = $10 off for you at Nordic Mart!

And they save too with 10% off!