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Drops Pro 16" circulars - US 9 (5.5mm)


A brand new needle collection from DROPS to match their fantastic yarn prices!
The needles are of great quality and very easy to knit with.

DROPS Pro Circular needles, shiny metal with pointy and gradually tapered points, perfect transitions, elastic and supple cords that easily adapts without irregularities are very comfortable to knit with. Made of hollow brass tubes and plated with high-quality nickel which gives a smooth polished surface. The extremely smooth surface, makes the stitches move quickly and without any resistance. The low weight provides excellent comfort in the hand and a lot of enjoyable knitting. 

DROPS Pro comes as circular needles in lengths 16, 24, 32inch (40, 60, 80cm) in sizes 0-15 (2-10mm)

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3rd May 2015

Tiny & fast

Love these little needles--smooth and fast movers. Cable is VERY short, which is good for some things. One of the best features: cable is not so twisted that you have to fight it while you knit.
Highly recommended for pieces that require a very short cable.

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