ChiaoGoo TWIST Red Cable 8"/20cm IC- Large (for US 9-15)

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Chiao Goo Red Twist Cables are smooth, flexible and strong. They will never kink and require no special heating or relaxing.  Smooth transitions from needles to cords make your knitting easy and fun! The cords have a "lifeline" hole so you can insert a string and knit a row with the string. Then if you need to rip back, you will have a safety string to catch your work. 

Small sized cords fit with Red Lace Needle tips sizes US 2 through US 8

Each cord comes with a T shaped key for tightening and loosening your needles tips onto the cord. 

This cord is 8" long, so when paired with 2 x 4" needle tips, it creates a 16" circular needle. Standard Circular needle measurments are done from needle tip to needle tip. 

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