Shopping for yarn without seeing it in person can be challenging, but we've tried to make it as simple as possible.

There are a lot of ways to shop. If you know which brands of yarn you love, you can select to Shop by Brand. If you have a pattern you would like to make and know the weight of the yarn suggested, you can also browse by weight to find the perfect yarn. You can also shop by fiber content, or by your favorite color. There are many ways to browse through our yarn, take your time and have fun. 

The biggest challenge when buying yarn online is finding the right color. Every computer monitor varies in its color settings, so it's hard to know if the color you order will look the same in person.  We have tried to photograph each yarn to accurately represent it's color. The most common difference between computer and in person is that colors tend to look a little bit darker on your computer screen. If you're not sure of a color, try viewing it on multiple devices to get a better idea of the true color. 

A great way to shop and ensure that your colors are what you want is to use the "Compare" feature of the website. This way you can see colors next to one another and make your selections. 

If you receive a color you do not like, you are welcome to return the yarn within our return period (30 days). Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on yarns you bought on Sale. 

Another Challenge is dyelots. We will always try to send the same dyelot when possible or dyelots that look very close to the eye.  If you require all yarns of a particular color to be the same dyelot, please add a comment or note to your order that you need all colors from the same dyelot and we can do our best to accomodate your request. If we do not have enough of one dyelot, we will send what we deem a visual match. If we don't have a visual match, we will contact you before shipment. When you work with different dyelots, if you switch between the different lots on every other row, the colors will blend better in your pattern. We usually find that dyelots do not differ from one other, and will always do our best to match the colors.  

Another challenge of shopping online can be switching yarns in a pattern. Without a person there to guide you through, you may be asking, "How much yarn do I need?" 

Every yarn will list the yardage 1 skein contains in it's details. The easiest way to determine how much you need is to divide the total number of yards you need for the project by the number of yards in one skein. If you are knitting a sweater, you will probably need around 1300 yards of yarn, and if you are looking at a yarn that contains 130 yards/skein, you will need 10 skeins! (1300 divided by 130 = 10). Knitting and crochet patterns should list how much yarn you need (either in yardage, or in number of skeins) and which weight you need, just follow these guidelines. is a great place to find patterns that easily list out the yardage you will need.