Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I need all yarns I order to be from the same dyelot? 

A: We will always try to send the same dyelot when possible or dyelots that look very close to the eye.  If you require all yarns of a particular color to be the same dyelot, please add a comment or note to your order that you need all colors from the same dyelot and we can do our best to accommodate your request. If you do not request matching dyelots, we will try our best to send all of one dyelot, but may only have multiple available, in which case we will send a visual match. If we do not have enough of one dyelot, we will hold your order until we restock and that could add up to 2 weeks of waiting time.  When you work with different dyelots, if you switch between the different lots on every other row, the colors will blend better in your pattern. We usually find that dyelots do not differ from one other, and will always do our best to match the colors.  

Q: I've come upon a knot is my skein of yarn, is this normal? What do I do?

A: Different brands of yarn have different standards for their quality.  Of course most yarns will have a knot every once in a while, you can either continue knitting through the knot and try to blend the spot, or you can cut a tail before the knot, and continue knitting after the knot, weaving in your ends for a seamless join. There are also many other tutorials out there for joining yarn.  Knots aren't fun, but they can't really be avoided. 

If you find a knot in a skein of Regia sock yarn, please send us an email letting us know, as Regia is guaranteed to be knot free and should last a long time with wear. A Regia skein with a knot is defective and we can replace your skein.  Drops brand has a standard that a skein of yarn can have up to 3 knots, and anything beyond that is a defective skein, and you should notify us via email.  If you're unsure if a skein has an issue or if it's standard with that particular yarn, please ask us! 

Q: I placed an order just before your sale started! Can I have the sale discount applied to my order?

     I want an item on sale but it's out of stock! Can I order it at the sale price?

A: Our sales run for a specific period of time and are while supplies last. To be fair to everyone, if you place an order BEFORE our sale starts, we cannot apply the discounted prices. If you want an item that is out of stock, we always try to restock as much as we can during the sale periods, so check back at a later date. We cannot extend sale prices to items we restock after the sale is done. 

Q: On Garnstudio's website I see one price listed for the yarns, but on Nordic Mart's site I see a different price.

A: Garnstudio and Nordic Mart are separate, and we are a retailer for their yarns. We can only control the pricing on our website and the pricing in US Dollars. Any pricing given by Garnstudio for Canadian prices has not been converted using the current exchange rate, and so may appear different from Nordic Mart pricing. We're sorry for the mis-information, but the prices listed on our website are the correct and correct pricing for the yarns.

Q: When I am checking out, there is an issue with my email address, or an issue with my saved billing address?

A: When our new site was created, we imported all customer information to our new system, so that our customers could continue to login and use their saved information. If you have shopped with us before, your email is already attached to an account, so if you try to use it as a guest the system will give you an error. To fix this, you will need to login to your account. If you cannot remember your password, use the Forgot My Password function to regain access to your account. This should allow you to complete your order! 

If the system give you an error when you try to use a saved billing address, you will need to re-enter your address. Chances are something went wrong when the saved address information was added to our new system, and your saved address cannot be called up.  Instead of trying to use a saved billing address, just enter your shipping or billing address again into the fields, and you will be able to complete your checkout. You may need to add your address via your account page, at the top of the website. Just edit your info!

Q: Can I add to my Order?

A: We process orders fairly quickly in our warehouse so that you can get your yarn faster! There is a chance that your order has already been packed and shipped. If you placed the order very recently (within the last few hours) and need to add, please place a second order on our site with the additional products. Add a comment in the Comment field during checkout that this order needs to be COMBINED WITH A PREVIOUS ORDER and include the first order number. If your first order has not been processed, we will combine the two orders and refund one shipping cost. If your first order has been processed, the two orders will ship separately with two ship costs.

Q: When will the yarn I’m looking for be restocked?

A: It’s hard to give exact restocking dates, because we never know when the distributor will be out of stock. Shipments generally take a week to two weeks from order date to get to our warehouse. We are always ordering more yarn, so if something is out of stock, chances are high that it will be restocked within the next two weeks. Due to high demand, we cannot inform you individually when a particular color restocks, but you will see the stock on the website as soon as we have it available, so keep your eye on our webshop! Thanks for your interest!

Q: Can I have samples of a certain yarn color?

A: We understand that it can be hard to determine color online. Unfortunately we do not have samples of yarn readily available, and have far too many colors to be able to snip bits from so many skeins of yarn. We try very hard to accurately portray colors on our website, and offer a 30 day return policy on non-sale yarns if you are unsatisfied with the color.

Q: How do I block/should I block my project?

Blocking is usually only necessary with Lace patterns, but it can be used on any project. To block your finished item, get the item wet until it is damp all over. You can do this by dunking it in your sink (with or without soap), or spraying it with a spray bottle. Squish the extra water out and then lay the item flat to dry, adjusting any stitches that may need to be in a certain position (pin lace stitches open). It is best if you do not lay the item on a towel, but rather on a non porous surface, because the towel will trap water and take longer for your item to dry. Blocking is great for flattening areas of a project or giving an overall finished look to your piece, but it is not necessary if you don’t want to do it!

Q: The website doesn't seem to be displaying correctly in my browser?

A: Certain older browsers may not display our new website the way it is supposed to work.  If you are using Internet Explorer, try updating to the newest version to fix any website display issues.  Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers should display correctly, but if you are encountering errors, try to update your browser. If you still have errors, please use our contact form to let us know.