Replacing Discontinued yarns in a pattern

What happens when you want to make a pattern, but the yarn is no longer available? 

You can replace many discontinued Drops yarns with similar yarn combinations to make your favorite patterns!

Check out these substitutions and compare. Find all these replacement yarns for sale here »

1) Drops Symphony = Baby Merino + Brushed Alpaca Silk 


You can replace Drops Symphony, with Baby Merino and Brushed Alpaca Silk held together.

The merino and fluffiness of the Alpaca Silk make for a cuddly blend that will look and feel very close to Symphony. 

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2) Drops Vienna = Drops Melody


You can replace Vienna with Drops Melody!

These yarns are both fluffy and soft, but Melody is made with an Alpaca blend, for extra cuddliness and warmth. The texture is extremely similar to Vienna.

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3) Drops Symphony = Drops Melody


Replace 1 strand of Symphony with 1 strand of Drops Melody

You're replacing the Merino of Symphony with the Alpaca of Melody, but it's still a soft a textured yarn for a simliar effect. 

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4) Drops Vivaldi = Kid-Silk + Kid-Silk


Replace 1 strand of Vivaldi with 2 strands of Kid-Silk

Kid-Silk has the added luxury of Silk for a subtle shiny, but the texture is surprisingly similar to Vivaldi!

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5) Drops Puddel = Alpaca Bouclé + Alpaca Bouclé


Puddel is a loopy bouclé yarn, which you can replace with 2 strands of Alpaca Bouclé for the same textured look. This yarn is great for edging and cozy collars. 

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6) Drops Verdi = Delight + Brushed Alpaca Silk 

Replace Verdi with Brushed Alpaca Silk + Delight   

Verdi was our popular BIG ball of yarn! You can get the same variegated and textured effect by holding Drops Delight and Brushed Alpaca Silk together! 

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It's super fun to change yarns and come up with new results! Just be sure you get the correct amount! Use this calculator to change yarns »

Have you replaced any discontinued yarns in a pattern with a new alternative? Tell us your experiences switching it up on our social media! 

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