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Fall Color Palette Inspiration

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Autumn is here! This brings up images of leaves changing colors, pumpkins and squashes, cool grey skies, and cozy wools. 

We've gathered some inspiration for Fall themed yarn colors below...

What is your favorite Autumn Palette? Comment below, we wanna know!

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What will you make? 25 Patterns to inspire you

We found some amazing projects that are made in yarns we sell here at Nordic Mart! Sometimes you see a yarn and it's instant love, but you don't have any projects in mind to create with it! Here are some projects to help you get inspired. It's always nice to love on your fellow crafters.Share your own [...]

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A Crafter's Right To Choose! A Tutorial for Substituting Yarn in Any Pattern

Sometimes you see that PERFECT pattern calling your name, but don't want to splurge on the yarn it calls for, or simply don't like the yarn choice. Maybe you have some stash yarn calling your name, and need to find a pattern you can use it on. Here at Nordic Mart we answer lots of questions [...]

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How to Wash Your Woolly Wear!

So you've spent hours picking the yarn, weeks knitting or crocheting the project, and finally you're DONE with your handmade beauty. The next important step can make or break all your hard work! What's the best way to wash and care for your woolly items? and What the heck is blocking?! We're diving deep into these questions [...]

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Replacing Discontinued yarns in a pattern

What happens when you want to make a pattern, but the yarn is no longer available? You can replace many discontinued Drops yarns with similar yarn combinations to make your favorite patterns!Check out these substitutions and compare. Find all these replacement yarns for sale here »1) Drops Symphony = Baby Merino + Brushed Alpaca Silk   You can replace Drops [...]

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Pom Pom Tutorial

Pom Poms! Fun little fluffy balls of yarn that can adorn the tops of hats, ends of scarves, garlands for your home, or anything else your imagination can dream up. Pom Poms are very easy to make, whether you're using your hands or one of our Pom Pom making kits, they only take a few minutes [...]

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Hardcore Sweater

We just designed this awesome cutout sleeve sweater at Nordic Mart, which we also like to refer to as the "Hardcore Sweater."This sweater is awesome because it looks like something you could find at H&M or Forever 21, but this one you can make yourself in any color you want! The other awesome feature of [...]

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Amber's Sweater

We love taking inspiration from Drops yarns and various patterns and making them our own. Our awesome knitter Amber made some alterations to an awesome pattern, so we're sharing it with you! The pattern is the Charlotte Cardigan designed by Deborah Wilder. It is available for purchase on Ravelry here.A lot of our customers made [...]

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How to Make a Gauge Swatch -- An essential guide to learning the basics.

Many times you may see patterns or yarn mention a suggested "gauge"Is this leaving you mystified? What does gauge mean? Why are these numbers important?This blog post aims to help answer these questions and get you on your way to making your own gauge swatches for your projects. It has a LOT of information, but [...]

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The Cotton Headband to Fit your Style

One really simple way to change your look everyday is to have a plethora of hair accessories to give that extra pizazz to your outfits.Here's THE headband to spice up your life!You can make this in a variety of thicknesses. Make a thick version for those days when your hair is just not lookin' tip [...]

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